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About Razorback Mining Services

Razorback Mining Services is a West Australian privately owned company. We are a highly competitive steel fabrication and maintenance supplier that is driven by a strong team of trade qualified leaders.  Although our primary commitment is to support and service the West Australian mining and earthmoving industries we are proud that we have the capacity, necessary knowledge and experience to compete in a diverse range of industries including but not limited to the fields of Structural, Marine and General Fabrication.  One of the benefits of being privately owned is that we are free of the constraints of corporate ownership and with Razorback Mining Services the people you deal with are the people who make the decisions and more importantly have the experience and understanding of the tough conditions faced by our products and challenging environments where our tradesmen need to excel.


We have longstanding relationships with all of the major mining companies and top tier contractors in the West Australian mining industry and have worked tirelessly to ensure we are a trusted partner to the key stakeholders.  We will continue to consolidate these relationships through our hard work and commitment.  Trust is vital to any partnership and accountability gives others confidence to believe in your reputation.


Reputation is built on respect and consistently exceeding customer expectations and delivering results on time every time.  We value our hard earned reputation and will continue to do whatever it takes to maintain out standing in the industry.


We have sustained success over a long period of time where we have consistently achieved the objectives set by clients and importantly maintained the high standards set internally, without respect there is no foundation to build a strong relationship