Component Transport & Storage Frames

Efficient design, construction and load testing of component / equipment transport and storage frames requires a true understanding of its purpose, some frames are simply required to ensure safe transport of the components from site to site however other frames are used for transport / storage and component installation so it is important to design a concept that is simple yet strong and includes the necessary requirements to achieve certification so it is safe for all personal involved in its application

Razorback Construction provides a wide range of design services for the production of component transport and storage frames.

What are Component Transport and Storage Frames?

These specialised frames are essential elements for many industries and for a wide range of applications. To create them, they require precision engineering to fulfill specific storage requirements, including multiple configurations for road transport and onsite roles.
At Razorback Construction, our services include every aspect of the design and manufacturing of specialised storage frames. This process incorporates fittings and components for complex transport needs.

We utilise high-precision designs and advanced steel fabrication techniques to provide our customers with quality transport frames custom-built to fulfill any role.

How Can Component Transport and Storage Frames Help Businesses

Whether you plan to ship valuable freight across Australia or move heavy objects around in your warehouse, the durability and strength of steel provides the functionality you need to complete the job.
One of the best ways to ensure that your cargo items are safe and secure while being transported is to have transport storage frames designed to meet your unique needs.

Specialised transport frames can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Transporting Hazardous Chemicals

When you need to transport toxic, flammable, or corrosive chemicals, it is vital that your containers are stable and secure.
Having a fabrication company create a sturdy, customised steel frame is a great way of ensuring that the hazardous cargo stays in place.

Moving Warehouse or Factory Stock

For those operating a warehouse or factory where pallets of stock have to be moved on a regular basis using forklifts, then steel transport storage frames can be quite handy. Not only do these frames support and secure stocks while being transported, but they also provide a protective barrier between the cargo and the forklift.

Hauling Engines and Other Equipment

When shipping engines or any other machine, it is essential to have firmly secured the equipment to keep them safe from damages. At Razorback Construction, we can design storage frames that match the shape of each machine you need to transport perfectly. Our designs ensure that your valued cargo is held securely throughout the trip.

Safely Move Almost Any Weight

Tailor-made transport frames can be constructed to safely hold a variety of loads. The frames that we make at Razorback Construction can transport nearly any weight. Since steel is quite a strong material, constructing these structures correctly can allow it to support various loads as needed.

Why Choose Razorback?

Component transport and storage frames are beneficial for companies that need to move valuable cargo as safely and securely as possible. Transport storage is vital, especially when moving products that are hazardous and fragile.At Razorback Construction, we have the experts who can create the specialised transport frames you are looking for. We can assist you with our expertise, practical solutions, design services, and steel fabrication techniques to deliver the transport storage you need.

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