Razorback Construction have an excellent reputation as a lateral thinking industry leader in design, construction and installation of access Safety systems.

We ensure we have a full understanding of the application including challenges and potential hazards to allow us to design each component specifically for the environment.

The safety of all personnel using these systems is paramount and the key to success is not meeting but exceeding Australian Standards and always challenging applied standards and industry trends.

Razorback Construction offers a range of safety access products and fall protection systems made for working at height. Operating from elevated platforms, roof edges, mezzanines, rail cars, and the like can be dangerous. Accidents and falls in the workplace are some of the most common causes of work related injuries and major accidents.

By using our access safety systems, your workers can operate without fear of falling. This results in more productivity for your company.

What Are Access Safety Systems?

Access safety systems provide workers with a temporary or permanent way to do their work at different heights. These platforms come in various configurations and are often used in utility maintenance, construction, and grain processing.

A sturdy and well-fabricated safety access system can give workers the confidence they need to operate even at height. It also reduces the chances of equipment damage and workplace accidents.

Razorback Construction is a reputable industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing safety access systems. Our teams are knowledgeable and experienced in their application. They also know the potential hazards and challenges, allowing us to create each safety system based on the operating environment.

Personnel safety is our priority, and we believe in exceeding Australian Standards to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Different Types of Safety Access Platforms

Typically, access platforms feature adjustable or fixed components such as stairs, ladders, and elevation capabilities. Here are some of the popular safety access systems today:

Stationary and Semi-Stationary Platforms

Stationary platforms feature fixed placements or attachable casters that can be moved within confined spaces. Most companies custom order these access systems to fulfill their required functions within a job site, such as giving workers access to hard-to-reach structures or equipment.

Companies can also use these tailor-made platforms to reach storage tanks, gain entry into a structure, and offload equipment. The versatility of these platforms makes them highly applicable in repair and production industries.

Powered Platforms

Motorized and electric platforms let workers step on a system at ground level and then move up or down when needed. The lifts come with durable standing platforms, with a form of guardrail system to make it easier for workers to perform their work safely.

Folding Platform Systems

These systems are similar to ladders in that they fold out to give workers the elevation they need for various projects. Folding platform systems are ideal when a job requires frequent movement even at a low height.

How Razorback Construction Follow the Australian Safety Guidelines & Standards

At Razorback Construction, we provide our customers with a safe and reliable access solution so that their workers can operate at various heights. We design and create a variety of quality-engineered safety access systems that comply with all safety and health requirements.

Our safety platforms are made from durable steel, resulting in quality products that require minimal maintenance. All of our safety systems are made and tested to exceed all relevant Australian standards.

Razorback Construction safety access systems are already being used for working at heights in a range of industries, including construction, mining, transport, and mechanical.

WHy go with razorback?

Access safety systems can be used to accommodate the needs of various industries and applications.

We at Razorback Construction understand that every industry needs to get maintenance, construction, and other manual work completed efficiently and safely at height. That is why we manufacture safety platforms that meet Australian safety standards.

If you’re interested in our access systems, send us a message, and let’s discuss the specifications of your project!