Here at Razorback construction our clients’ needs take the lead in everything we do. We listen carefully to all the specific requirements surrounding an order for a piece of mining equipment, and tailor the attachment design to work best to the environment in question, the task at a hand, and any additional specifications unique to their needs. Our wide-ranging experience in producing top quality mining buckets for leading mining companies in Western Australia has given us the knowledge and technical skills to repair and manufacture all types of mining and earthmoving attachments.


Mining attachment design

We continuously help WA mining companies break new ground with individually designed pieces of mining equipment, from individual attachments to complete mining buckets. It all begins at our Welshpool steel fabrication facility, which houses an extensive range of high quality machinery to complete our steel fabrication projects and our duties as a leading backhoe bucket manufacturer. Our highly trained team understand the mining and earthmoving industry from ground level to 1,000 metres below the earth, and have a wealth of knowledge around the unique issues and challenges those on the ground face. This experience ensures we have the capabilities to manufacture all forms of earthmoving products.


Mining equipment maintenance

As a premier producer mining buckets and steel fabrication developers, we wouldn’t be worth our salt if maintenance wasn’t top on our list of priorities. The successful completion of a long catalogue of specialist projects ensures we have the extensive experience required for carrying out complete mining equipment maintenance to the highest standard. Custom product design is where we shine, having carried out mining attachment design and maintenance on products from top brands including Hitachi, Komatsu, Cat, and Liebherr. Each client’s needs lays the foundation for our working relationship, tailoring our skills to suit your specific requirements.


Repair of mining buckets

Our priority here at Razorback Construction is supporting the mining and earthmoving industry in all its form across the state of WA. We understand the unique challenges involved in working in remote locations, which is why we offer repairs onsite as well as in our Welshpool facility. Working with a dedicated team of expert tradesmen, we can repair backhoe buckets and mining attachments on site including any steel fabrication and welding solutions. Extreme conditions are part of the mining game, and any challenge you throw our way will be met with skills and efficiency.


Leading backhoe bucket manufacturers

The combined experience of our expert team of technicians alongside our top of the range products and steel fabrication machinery ensures we can take on all mining attachment maintenance or repairs with ease. Here at Razorback we love a challenge, and are happy to create a custom design for your mine site requirements, no matter the difficult environment. We’re proud to be leading backhoe bucket manufacturers, and our knowledge of the Western Australian mining conditions ensures we succeed every time with custom products and onsite maintenance. Get in touch today to find out more about Razorback construction’s mining bucket designs and mining equipment maintenance.

At Razorback Construction we have the experience and capabilities required to manufacture and repair all types of Earthmoving Attachments.

We focus our custom product design based on our clients’ needs to ensure the solution is relevant and cohesive to the environment for each attachment’s application.