Remote Equipment Repairs

Regardless of whether you are working on a remote mine site, moving earth in a city centre, or carrying out a difficult structural engineering job, the endeavor depends on functioning equipment. Any breakdown in performance costs time and money, often putting a hold up on other elements of the job and delaying the entire project. Here at Razorback we understand the importance of getting you back up and running as quickly as possible, which is why we offer on site repairs and maintenance with mobile steel fabricators and welding no matter the location, environment, or difficult circumstances.


Mining equipment repairs

With most mine sites in difficult to reach locations repairs to specialist equipment can be a real liability, and potentially delay ongoing work for days. Thanks to our expert team of tradespeople all around Western Australia we can be on site with you in a short amount of time, arriving prepared to carry out extremely efficient mining equipment repairs no matter how bad the problem is. With a focus on fast, effective repairs, we have experience working with all types of earthmoving equipment and are experts at innovative on site steel fabrication, welding and maintenance.


Custom product maintenance

Thanks to our extensive experience carrying out custom design builds for specialist requirements from a wide range of industries – mining and earthmoving, to industrial and marine – we have the skills and technical know-how to tackle any on site custom product maintenance requirements. We come highly prepared to any job outside of our Welshpool facility, and have worked hard to build a team of specialist tradespeople ready to come to you anywhere in Western Australia. Affordable and efficient, we at Razorback have earned our reputation as leaders in steel fabrication maintenance thanks to our innovative solutions and custom maintenance skills.


Mobile Steel fabricator experts

Led by an experienced leadership team with a comprehensive trade background, our unit of skilled steel tradesmen are highly motivated to tackle any challenge and prepared to provide custom solutions and mobile mining equipment repair to suit your individual needs. Our specialty is steel, and this applies just as much to on site maintenance repairs. Working with top quality mobile steel fabricators we have the abilities to provide urgent repairs on your mine site, or building site, in an efficient manner with a focus on the fix standing the test of time.


Mobile equipment maintenance

We understand that most of the equipment we build, and attend to, withstands punishing conditions and long hours, which is why we believe maintenance is part and parcel of being steel fabrication specialists. You can rely on our expert team and high functioning mobile steel fabricators and welding equipment to keep you running at top speed for as long as possible. We’re proud to offer affordable and innovative solutions to the vital industries that keep this state going. For more information on Razorback Constructions mobile equipment maintenance and repair services, regardless of your location in WA, contact us today.


With our motivated group of dynamic tradesmen supported by an experienced leadership team with extensive trade back ground Razorback is the solution for any steel fabrication or welding requirements to your mobile assets onsite.

We embrace all challenges and have a true understanding of the extreme conditions faced by your equipment and the experience to always know the most efficient repair option.