Razorback Construction prides itself on the skill level, reliability and attitude displayed by all members of our team.  We don’t just provide skilled tradesmen but people with an understanding of challenging environments and the expectations of our valued customers, we focus on the application and provide the right option backed by our experienced leadership team to help your business reach its full potential.

At Razorback Construction, we are happy to provide you with highly-skilled and reliable construction industry tradespeople. Whether you need to hire labour staff to complete a day’s work or a group of experts for long-term construction projects, we are here to assist you.

We can provide you with professional construction labour hire workers who know how to work in challenging environments and understand your expectations. Our specialised labour hire service is at your disposal.


What is Specialised Labour Hire?

Specialised labour hire follows a simple concept. It means that that a company agrees with a client to outsource workers to accomplish their construction requirements. Acquiring specialised labour hire services can be on a short-term or long-term basis.

Today’s demand for labour hire is constantly rising. This increase comes as no surprise considering it takes a lot of time and money to advertise, shortlist, hire, and train new workers.

With specialised labour hire, you get to spend time to focus on what matters for your business. Businesses in the construction industry will encounter a range of diverse circumstances where they will need the help of a labour hire agency.

Razorback Construction can provide you with highly-skilled and reliable laborers for your needs. Our teams of tradesmen know how to handle challenges and are experts in what they do.


Benefits of Using Construction and Mining Labour Hire

The following are the benefits when acquiring construction and mining labour hire services.


Responsive and Fast-Moving Labour Solutions

Specialised labour hire is great for projects that requires specific skills immediately. Whether you need to hire an entire workforce of mining experts or an independent tradesman to assist your team, this is the solution you need.

The unexpected can happen too. Even the most organised projects can be plagued with injuries, illnesses, and other unforeseen scenarios that leave you with fewer workers and a deadline that needs to be completed. This is where specialised labour hire solutions can help.


Workers Are Pre-Screened and Vetted

Getting help from a specialised labour hire company can give you the peace of mind knowing that the people provided to you have undergone strict pre-screening and vetting processes. Since providers that offer labour hire agencies are experts in recruitment, they make sure that your labourers meet specific requirements, are hard-working and reliable.


Getting Specialised Skills

Specialised labour hire solutions can provide you with highly-skilled individuals who match the job roles that you need to be filled. At Razorback Construction, we have a pool of specialists who can help with your construction and mining labour hire requirements.


Helps Save Money

Another excellent benefit of getting labour hire solutions is that you get to save on cost. Finding, interviewing, and recruiting employees can be costly. Besides that, you also have to worry about payroll taxes, annual leaves, worker compensations, and more.

With a specialised labour hire provider like Razorback Construction, we take care of all of the costs associated with finding, hiring, and training workers for your needs.


Why choose Razorback?

Specialised labour hire solutions are essential in the construction and mining industries, as it can benefit companies who are in need of highly-skilled individuals to accomplish certain tasks. It is also more cost-efficient compared to finding, hiring, and training your own set of workers.

Razorback Construction has the experts you need for your construction and mining needs. Contact us today to learn more!