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Mining Attachment Design & Maintenance

We help WA mining companies break new ground with specially designed equipment attachments. From mining attachments designed in our Welshpool steel fabrication facility to on-site maintenance with the latest tools and techniques, we’ll keep you moving.

At Razorback Construction we have the experience and capabilities required to manufacture and repair all types of mining and earthmoving attachments. With the client’s needs forming the foundation of everything we design, our attachments are tailored to suit the specific task and environment.

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Mobile Equipment Maintenance & Repair

When equipment goes down in the middle of a job it costs time and money. Razorback will get you back up and running in no time with on-site repairs and maintenance. From remote mining to earthmoving in the middle of the city, we know the punishing conditions faced by your equipment. Our efficient repairs are guaranteed to stand up to the challenge.

Our tradespeople will come to you anywhere around Western Australia to repair and maintain mining, earthmoving, industrial and marine equipment. Razorback is your affordable and innovative solution for steel fabrication, welding, and maintenance to your mobile assets on-site.

Field Service & Product Support

Need help with a tricky repair job at short notice? We’ve got your back with mobile maintenance field service units for welding, compressed air and thermal cutting plus specialised tools required to complete on-site maintenance and repairs wherever you are.

Anywhere around WA, from Perth metro and to the furthest regional areas, we’ll come to you. Razorback is your partner for ongoing scheduled maintenance or short-notice breakdowns. We have the tools and the tradespeople to maintain your vital equipment.

Plus, our mobile steel fabrication expertise means we know our way around all kinds of equipment to get you back to full capacity.

Specialised Labour Hire

Whether you’re a few good people short of a team or need a whole new crew, Razorback Construction can help. Our network of experienced, qualified tradespeople are ready to mobilise at short notice wherever you are around Perth or WA.

Razorback can help you find the right person to get the job done at any level. From seasoned executives to teams of tradies ready to go, Razorback can source, mobilise and manage personnel to support your workforce.

Call us to discuss your personnel needs today and let’s work together to build a better team.


Safety Access Systems

We believe safety is paramount on any job. Using the same approach to innovation that powers our mobile steel fabrication solutions, Razorback Construction creates safety access platforms that allow people to tackle any job with confidence.

We create solutions for tough to reach areas, mobile mining or earthmoving equipment, working at heights, and day-to-day operations. No job is worth risking your neck for – and with the Razorback Construction, you don’t have to.

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Specialised Fabrication And Welding

Specialised welding solutions require experience, knowledge and initiative. By constantly challenging best practice and looking for the most efficient and safest way to achieve better results, we are always learning how to do things better.

Our staff can provide specific weld procedures for any application, always to the highest standards. We are proud to have the capability to undertake a huge range of weld procedures in-house in our Welshpool facility, including destructive and non-destructive testing, hardness testing, and custom specialised welding to your exact specifications.

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Component Transport & Storage Frames

Need to transport components and equipment from site to site, or across the country? Not all transport frames are created equal.

To ensure your equipment arrives safely at its destination, we design, construct and test innovative transport solutions tailored to the task. Complete with all the certification requirements that keep your equipment – and personnel – safe during the journey and installation, our frames are second to none.

If you have a job that needs to get on the move, contact Razorback Construction to discuss your requirements and receive a custom quote.

Engineering & Certification

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. That includes solving challenging engineering problems with the latest technology and design processes for the WA mining and earthmoving industries, as well as marine, structural, and construction. We are always helping our clients to do things safer and more efficiently.

From initial concepts to finished products, our expert team focuses on delivering products that exceed expectations. Our capabilities include 3D scanning, bespoke design, engineering solutions and certification.

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