All employees deserve to work in a safe and clean environment. We all know accidents happen in the most unexpected situations, but you can take steps to ensure that there are minimal risks to your workers.

How to keep your employees safe:

  1. Provide training to make sure all employees know how to use equipment safely.
  2. Partner with an Occupational Health and Safety team to help identify high-risk areas for employee injury in your workplace
  3. Use Signs and Labels to communicate proper procedures, hazards, and cautions.
  4. Keep all equipment clean and tidy, including stacked boxes, spills, tangled cords, and tools
  5. Ensure you have Safety Access Systems that meet Australian Standards.

Working at height comes with inherent risk – we all know this. Access safety systems were devised and introduced across a variety of industries to mitigate that risk. Safety access systems provide a temporary or permanent way for workers to perform tasks at different heights. These innovative platforms come in varying configurations and are in various industries (e.g., utility maintenance, construction, grain processing) to ensure worksites remain incident free.


Get confident

Sturdy, well-fabricated safety access systems give workers the confidence they need to operate at height, knowing they are protected from the risk of falling.


Types of safety access platforms

Most access platforms feature adjustable or fixed components (stairs, ladders, elevation capabilities) to ensure worker safety while accessing machinery or buildings at height. There are several types of access platforms available.

  1. Stationary and semi-stationary platforms: these feature fixed placements or attachable casters that can be moved within confined spaces. Most companies custom order these access systems to fulfill their required functions within a job site, such as giving workers access to hard-to-reach structures or equipment. These platforms’ versatility makes them highly applicable in repair and production industries as they can be used to reach storage tanks, gain entry into a structure, and offload equipment.
  2. Powered platforms: these electric platforms allow workers to step on a system at ground level and be lifted up to the area needing repair/work. The lifts come with durable standing platforms, with a guardrail system designed to make it easier for workers to safely perform their job.
  3. Folding platform systems: like ladders, these systems fold out to give workers the elevation they need for various projects. They are ideal when a job requires frequent movement, even at low heights.


Does your Safety Access System meet Australian safety guidelines and standards?

At Razorback Construction, our safety access platforms are made from durable steel, meaning they require minimal maintenance, and are constructed to not only meet but exceed all relevant Australian standards.

Razorback Construction safety access systems are already being used for working at heights in a range of industries, including construction, mining, transport, and mechanical.


Why choose Razorback for your Safety Access System?

We understand every industry needs to perform maintenance, construction, and other manual work efficiently and safely at height. That is why we take such pride in manufacturing safety platforms that meet Australian safety standards.

If you’re interested in our safety access systems in Perth, send us a message, and let’s talk.