Whether you’re working on a remote mine site, moving earth in a city centre, or carrying out a complex engineering job, you need functioning equipment to get the job done, as any downtime costs time and money.


Here at Razorback, we understand how important it is to keep your mine site operational, which is why we offer onsite repairs and maintenance with our mobile field service units for all your steel fabrication and welding requirements, no matter the complexity of the location, environment, or circumstances.


Mines are one of the most challenging environments for workers and their heavy mining equipment.


Read on to learn more about increasing productivity and safety in mine sites.


Keeping your site running smoothly and profitably is the goal, one that relies on every part of the operation to run smoothly, but if one area is showing weakness, it needs to be addressed.


With a general trend towards automation within the mining industry, there are still basics that need to be covered to ensure your heavy machinery is functional at optimum output. Regular heavy vehicle and industrial machinery maintenance are imperative.


Improving Preventative Safety


An essential part of preventative safety is the ongoing monitoring of workers, machinery, and safety access systems. Many kinds of mining equipment are now fitted with camera systems that monitor progress in real-time and allow any potential safety issues to be quickly identified.


A considerable component of preventative safety is regular servicing and maintenance of all heavy industrial equipment. Several injuries in mining are due to accidents caused by poorly maintained machinery, making consistent machinery upkeep one of the most important aspects of a safe mining operation.


Here at Razorback, we see how common it is for equipment maintenance to be reactive rather than preventative. Some machines are only repaired or checked if they break down or seem to be on the verge of breaking down. This ad hoc maintenance approach only covers equipment maintenance after it breaks down. Maintenance incidents like this are not scheduled and can happen simultaneously, causing delays and costly site shutdowns.


Proper maintenance of your mining and heavy machinery is the first step towards a productive and safe site.


People matter


The success of an ongoing maintenance strategy depends on the people you task with the job. An experienced leadership team leads Razorback Construction’s specialists with a comprehensive trade background. Working with top-quality mobile steel fabricators, we can efficiently provide urgent repairs on your mine site or construction site.


As equipment maintenance is crucial for industries, you need to rely on a team of experienced professionals to deliver exceptional service, as when your machinery is well maintained, overall productivity rises. Preventative measures are more efficient and economical than costly reactive measures.


Why choose Razorback Construction for your mining equipment maintenance in Welshpool, Perth?


With most mine sites in difficult-to-reach locations, repairs to specialist equipment can be an actual liability and potentially delay ongoing work for days. With our expert team of tradespeople around Western Australia, we can be onsite with you quickly, arriving prepared to carry out extremely efficient mining equipment repairs no matter how bad the problem is.


With a focus on fast, effective repairs, we have experience working with all earthmoving equipment and are experts at innovative onsite steel fabrication, welding, and maintenance.


Put your mining equipment in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable team. Our qualified technicians comply with all regulations to the highest standards.


We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, so contact us today to see how we can help you.