A range of studies have long confirmed that remote mining, resource and construction workers are more susceptible to the stressors that risk an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.


With fly-in fly-out (FIFO) or drive-in drive-out (DIDO) employment arrangements becoming ever more common in the sector, workers are increasingly exposed to social isolation and compressed working arrangements which can disturb sleeping patterns and put strains on relationships and family units.


In a largely male-dominated working environment, people with mental health issues often hide their emotions, meaning the problem flies under the radar and doesn’t get addressed until it’s maybe too late. But this is not a problem exclusive to men either.


That’s why it’s important for both employers and employees to address the various stigmas associated with both men and women suffering mental health issues in the workplace.




Since 2009, R U OK? has been at the forefront of empowering resources sector workers with the motivation, confidence and skills to recognise people that are struggling with life and be able to offer help.


R U OK? focuses on harm an suicide prevention efforts by encouraging people to invest more time into their own mental health and wellbeing. They help people to build personal relationships and encourage informal networks to be able to identify the signs of distress or difficulty and offer support.


R U OK? Day, an annual event to raise awareness to its ongoing cause, is a chance to ask those near to you, are you really OK? Your support could make all the difference to whatever they’re facing, be it big or small.




There are many different ways you can help encourage more life-changing conversations and share the R U OK? message with your community, even with COVID-safe measures in place.


Host a digital event


Make use of technology that can bring people together online. Register your event with R U OK? here and they’ll send you a pack with posters, invitations and conversation tips to help make it a success.


Walk and talk


Find an opportunity to go for a walk with someone, have a chat and ask “are you OK?” It’s that simple.


The rules vary depending on location, so check the guidance from the health department in your state or territory before heading out for a workout while restrictions are in place.


Create an online ‘Conversation Corner’


Create a team or group communication channel where you can regularly check in and ask one another, “are you OK?”.


Share conversation tips and help-seeking information so people can confidently navigate a conversation where someone says they’re not OK.


Show the people in your world the power of connecting with others and that they’ve got what it takes to support those struggling with life.


By publishing a blog, vlog or social media post that shows the shows the power of connection and conversations, you’ll be able to make staying connected and asking “are you OK?” a part of their everyday. Templates and suggested posts can be found in the Guide to Supporting R U OK? Day.




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